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He was an entrepreneur, an inventor, a charismatic Englishman and overall had a spirit unlike any other

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Dr. Bruce Copen is recognized worldwide as being the Founding Father of modern radionics. He was a researcher in the field and achieved a status of international acknowledgment because of his countless published books in regards to his endeavor in the field of radionics. He was an entrepreneur, an inventor, a charismatic Englishman and overall had a human spirit unlike any other.

Indeed not only the originator of many movements and organizations worldwide, he was a prominent philosopher, with a sight for the future to a great degree. Interestingly, back when computers as we know them today were not usual, circa late 60s, Bruce Copen went forth and dubbed the inventions of his “radionic computers”. Many procedures were conventionalized by him, in the likes of radionics and bio-resonance, and later became the norm, as well as in the field of automated diagnosis, electronic homeopathy research, information storage in cards, and Chromotherapy using his rates system.

Dr. Bruce Copen, additionally to his dedication to the making of radionic tools, wrote over sixty books. Topics in psychology, homeopathy, naturopathy and metaphysics were common to him.

Our equipment is still made in the same fasion as when Dr. Bruce Copen was among us, for the casings are still made of handcrafted wood in our workshops, by skilled technitians under the principals and inherited guidance of Dr. Bruce Copen. This in conjunction with all the very latest electronic testing equipment and assembly parts, all go to serve our users and community members worldwide, making sure that everyone gets only the very best of this type of equipment. We are the world’s leading manufacturers of this kind of instruments, and our long experience is supported by constant satisfaction of our clients.

We would like to let the world have some notes as an attempt to summarize Dr. Bruce Copen’s contributions and anecdotes during his lifetime:

In 1947 the Y-Model, considered his official and first instrument for radionics research, was first presented by Dr. Bruce Copen


In the 1950’s, Dr. Bruce Copen’s radiesthetic abilities were already well recognized. It was during this time that he also dedicated himself to the act of searching for missing things and people with his abilities, and in doing so.

In early 1951, also supported Scotland Yard in the case of the coronation stone, which was reportedly mugged from Westminster Abbey during the holiday season in December of the prior year.

Dr. Bruce Copen using Dowsing and Pendulum

In the 1960's Dr. Bruce Copen started to investigate in colour filters for therapeutic purposes. In this time, the Electro Vibro Potentiser was developed, following the fundaments in radionics applied to homeopathy; this invention lead to the capability to copy the informational source of any homeopathic remedy into a neutral transporter material, or even to replicate them by using radionic-rates of homeopathic remedy by adjusting the fine tunings of the radionic instrument.

EVP Bruce Copen

In 1966, Dr. Bruce Copen began reproducing a collection of books and lectures on audio cassettes, published several magazines such as “The Seeker” and Natural Therapeutics, at the same time presenting the Radionic Computer MK2 model (model still available), considered by many to be a beginners instrument guide into radionics.

MK2 Bruce Copen

In the 1970's, Dr. Bruce Copen invented the Coloronic Instrument. Neither filters nor spotlights needed, since it implemented and recreated the signature rate of the substance informational constitution. The book “A rainbow of Health” was released, along with “Magic of the Aura”, which are great reads to understand this additional way to re-balance the human auric field.

Coloronic Instrument Bruce Copen

In 1971, the portable Chromotherapy Colour Lamp, the leader of its kind, was released by Dr. Bruce Copen.

Coloronic Instrument Bruce Copen

It was in the 1980´s, that the MK7 and MK12 were released during this decade and Dr. Bruce Copen developed the Electronic Encoded Card System, or EECS for short, which is the use of magnetic bands and applied on the aforementioned instruments as well as in the Automatic Selector Potentiser models.

These cards are used in various operations and multiple purposes.

EECS Bruce Copen

In 1989, the instruments which gave the operator the capacity to obtain the Simile in an automated form were born when the ASL Series Potentisers were released, which came, and still do, with over Twenty Six Hundred electronic homeopathic remedy rates installed internally.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASL/89/7F

In the 1990s, the ASLD90, both portable and desktop versions, offered the operator the capability to save her/his own Remedy Rates in the Memory of the ASL Potentizer, the first in its nature worldwide to include this stunning feature.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASLD/90

In 1995, the newly developed ASLD/95/PR2/SB was released to the radionics community worldwide as a more progressive version of the ASLD90 model. It is still available today and considered the most versatile and advanced model, and since it can be now incorporated with our CARE C11 software, it bridges the gap between the best of analog and digital work in radionics.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASLD/95/PR2

In 1998, our great mentor Dr. Bruce Copen suddenly passes on, whilst at his house in, West Sussex, Danehill, in May of this year.

Dr. Bruce Copen


What is Radionics?

Radionics is concerned with the context of control fields and “subtle energies”. The term “subtle energies” refers in this context to those forms of energy which cannot presently be objectively (physically) measured, because they are signals of very low amplitude which are masked due to the component “noise” of electrical equipment).

The use of radionics in humans, animals and plants through radionic instruments is used practically to balance the subtle energy field of the subject, and a sample of the subject in question is placed in the input cup/plate when going about this task.

Since radionics is used for that main purpose, upon discovering which and where are the ailments you can then focus the radionic rates to produce, or remind, per say, a balancing effect of the body at subtle energetic levels.

Radionics can also be used to provide broadcasting sessions, or distance treatment sessions, where the presence of the subject to receive the therapy does not need to be located near the radionic instrument, meaning that distance is irrelevant for it to take effect (similar to, but not clinging to, super-positioning).

Sample collection may be tricky at first, but if you follow a methodical procedure it is the best reference source when providing biofeedback when diagnosing. In the course of time, however, various subjective methods have been developed, such as radiesthesia, kinesiology, RAC, electro-acupuncture etc, by means of which it is possible to perform reproducible measurements in this context.

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What facilities does radionics offer you?


To sum up, it can be stated that radionics gives you the possibility of setting up an extensive analysis on the basis of a patient specimen. In this context, you can take account of the organ status, toxin loading, vitamin and minerals budget, bacteria and viral presence, fungal infections etc. You can test the appropriate homoeopathic remedy and potency without the use of test sets, and assess the correct Bach flower or other flower essences. Furthermore, you have the complete range of colour and precious stone therapy available to you. For this purpose we have numerous rates available (6500 rates for organs and symptoms, 30 rates for vitamins, 320 rates for colour, 2600 rates for homoeopathic remedies, and flower essences etc).

The Copen radionic instruments also give you the facility not only of investigating at physical level but also operating at astral and mental levels etc. Depending on the instrument, you have access to 6 or 12 levels of existence.

With the Electronic Vibro Potentiser (EVP) you can, by radionic means, imprint the specific informational content of any given subject substances in virtually arbitrary potency on carrier substances such as globules (lactose balls), alcohol etc.

Naturally, Copen radionic instruments also give you the facility for radionic balancing (braodcasting).

Thus, Copen radionics gives you a wide and universally applicable range of facilities for analysis and therapy.

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What is Radiesthesia?


The term radiesthesia is used to refer to the study of rays. It is based on the assumption that each the assumption that each animated or inanimated material emits a fine radiation which can be measured with the appropriate (subjective) measurement methods.

For these measurements, radioaesthetic instruments such as pendulums, rods or single-handed rods are employed. Radioaesthetics makes specific use of a man’s intuitive capabilities. By means of his reaction, the radiesthetic instrument makes it possible to amplify and to display the information which is to be found by means of a specific line of inquiry. As Goethe has already said, Man is the finest measurement instrument.

Radioaesthetics is traditionally associated with the location of water sources and precious minerals. The oldest known document about radioaesthetics is a Chinese engraving from the year 147 BC. It shows the Emperor Yu (Hia dynasty, 2200 BC) holding in his hand an instrument shaped like a tuning fork. The inscription on the engraving leaves no doubt as to the purpose of this instrument: “Yu, of the Hia dynasty, was famous for his knowledge of the presence of mineral deposits and sources; he could find concealed objects; he was able by his expertise to adapt the operation of the field according to the different seasons.”

Today, the distinction is drawn between physical radioaesthetics and mental radioaesthetics. Followers of the physical theory define radioaesthetics as a phenomenon which can be explained by reference to the laws of physics. They believe that everything encountered in Nature, without exception, is a vibration (i.e.: radioaesthetics can be regarded as detecting this vibration (by analogy with a radio receiver), but it is the instrument used by the diviner (the rod or pendulum) and not the diviner himself who succeeds in capturing the vibration.

The mental attitude of the diviner plays no part. By contrast, mental radioaesthetics bases its explanation of this phenomenon on psychic data. This theory gives a central position to the capabilities of the mind, and particularly intuition. According to the mental theory, radioaesthetics is covered by the “sixth sense”. The practitioner of radioaesthetics makes contact with the target object by means of his subconscious. Next, his mind simultaneously follows a conscious and an unconscious procedure which makes it possible for him to find the target object. By contrast with the physical theory, the mental theory places the operator in the central position.

Today, there are many fields of application for radioaesthetics: location of water, precious minerals, harmful geological radiations (“geopathological interference zones”), missing persons; analysis of companies and partnerships; and also the practice of medicinal radioaesthetics. Our pendulums make it possible to perform all kinds of radioaesthetic measurement. For example, after a little practice, you will be able to perform interference zone measurements, food compatibility measurements, measurements in the bioenergetic field of a person etc...

The extensive capabilities of radiesthesia have been described in many books.Here is a small selection from our range:

  • Bruce Copen: Harmful radiations and their elimination
  • Bruce Copen: Radiesthesia and ecology
  • Bruce Copen: The practical pendulum
  • Bruce Copen: Dowsing from maps
  • Bruce Copen: The technical pendulum

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Electronic Homoeopathy


Due to various problems in conventional homoeopathy, both in terms of selection, production and preperation of remedies, Ruth Drown arrived at the idea of transferring the principles of radionics to homoeopathy.

Thus, for example, it is very time-consuming precisely to determine the appropriate homoeopathic remedy, and is often made harder because of lack of self-awareness in patients. In the second stage, the required homoeopathic remedy is often not in stock and is not likely to be available until several days have elapsed, or not in the required potency.

Consequently, there was a search for an accurate procedure which would make it possible :

1. To test the homoeopathic remedy (in particular if several remedies were available according to the Materia Medica) 2.To reproduce (produce) the homoeopathic remedy in the form of its specific content of information

Drown’s first tests produced positive results and led to “electronic homoeopathy” or “new homoeopathy”. Thus the therapist has the opportunity of testing a similar or appropriate homoeopathic remedy (simile or similimum) and can imprint the specific informational content of this remedy himself, on a carrier substance (production).


Testing the appropriate homoeopathic remedy

Dr. Bruce Copen developed Ruth Drown’s concept further to produce his “Electronic Vibro Potentiser” (EVP). With the EVP, you can test a homoeopathic remedy either on the basis of a test substance or a corresponding rate. Essentially, the procedure is the same as for radionic analysis, except that instead of the rates for organs and symptoms, you refer to the rates for the homoeopathic remedy, nosode, flower essences, Schussler salts, etc.

The great advantage of radionics by comparison with other test methods is that you do not require any test sets. All of the information which you require can be generated from rates. This gives rise to entirely new possibilities for remedies for which there had previously been no remedy providing (e.g. the period system of elements, radioactive materials, allopathic medicaments). This gives rise to fresh possibilities, particularly for diagnostic therapies.

The corresponding specific informational content of a homoeopathic situation can be characterised on a carrier substance by means of the EVP.

Depending on the model, you have available a range of potency of X1 to X9,000 and C1 to MM10 in the “F” spectrum up to MMMMM90 (9x10³¹). Q- (or LM-) potencies are optionally obtainable up to (LM 9,000).


The Carrier Substance

The carrier substance employed, after separation of all original materials with no medical value, such as sugar globules, alcohol (oral), NaCl (for injections) etc, and also other material such as magnetic foil (for transdermal application therapy according to Dr. Hannemann, Switzerland).


Transfer mode

In transfer mode you can imprint the specific informational content of any substances on a carrier substance such as alcohol, magnetic foil, etc, with any EVP. In this context you have an arbitrary choice of variation in potencies. For example, from a sulphur C200 as the starting substance, it is possible to produce a sulphur X6. In the range of diagnostic therapy, and nosode therapy, this gives rise to completely new possibilities, because the carrier substance contains no physical components of the starting substance and hence, for example, no alien albumen.


Memory Locations

With ASL series potentisers, the Bruce Copen Laboratories introduced the first equipment, in the 1980’s, which offered the possibility of storage of the informational content of any desired remedies. Thus, it was possible for the first time for users to store their own remedies within the radionic system and to reproduce them.


Auto Simile Finder

With the Laser Solitron technology developed by the Bruce Copen Laboratories, it is possible, by means of the ASL series potentisers and the optional AUTO-Simile function of radionic instruments, for the instrument automatically to search for the simile and to have it produced. Accordingly, all that is done is to place a patient specimen in the instrument and to switch the auto simile finder on.

With ASL potentisers, it is possible to set the potency range (mother tincture, X or C potencies, F/1, F/2 or F/3 range, option of LM-potencies). A timer is used to imprint the established information onto a carrier substance.


The Advantages of Radionics

The advantage of radionics is that:

1. Neither for testing nor production of remedies is it necessary to have an original remedy available, because the remedy can always be simulated by the corresponding rate
2. You have total freedom of decision making as to the choice of potency (the best option is to test!)
3. You obtain entirely new methods and possibilities in therapy (especiallly for diagnostic processes).

With the Copen EVP-System, your homoeopathic dispenser is available to you 365 days per year and 24 hours a day.

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How does Radionic Analysis work?


Thanks to our development in engineering and technology, it is now possible to either go about analyzing manually, for example using a MK12 or ASLD95 radionic computer, or with a computerized software, like our CARE C11 Software® and the Quantum Care unit.

Radionic analysis is produced on the basis of a patient specimen and an instrument. According to the philosophy and experience of the late Bruce Copen, the patient’s hair or bloodspot are the most suitable for this purpose.

When going about it Manually

This specimen is placed in the radionic instrument (depending on the model, it may be a plate or a cup, either part of the instrument or as an additional accessory). The therapist then uses a sensor with one hand to move in steps along a list on which the rates for the various organ systems are set out. With the other hand, he performs gentle, circular movements over the stick pad. If the therapist with the sensor arrives at a range in which the patient has a loading (e.g. respiratory tract), he obtains a stick effect on the stick pad.

In our example, the therapist would then set the rate for the respiratory tract on the instrument and test the over-function/under-functions (OF/UF) of the patient’s respiratory tract. Initially, the stick pad is used to test whether there is an over function (OF). If no stick reflex is found with over function, then we turn to under function (UF). Here, we obtain a stick reflex. It is then possible to test on a scale from 0-9 how powerful the under function is by gradually changing the values from 0 to 9 and once again simultaneously rubbing the stick pad. When the stick reflex is received, we stop rotating the scale control and can read off the measured value on the scale.

If a high value has been obtained in testing of over-function and under-function, i.e. a value higher than 7, then the details are tested. In our example with the respiratory tract, this would mean that we would be testing the condition of the right-hand lobe of the lung, the left-hand lobe of the lung, the bronchi etc.

By this means, it is also possible to measure corresponding loadings with fungi, viruses, bacteria, toxins and poisons, etc. In this context, quantitative assessment of loading is always possible to measurement of over-function and under-function.

In place of the stick pad, it is also possible to use the pendulum or the single-hand rod, or other test methods such as kinesiology or RAC.

When going about it with a computerized software and modern instrument?

Using the software is extremely time saving and so beneficial for all of the fantastic wonders that it offers. We provide a user manual and remote training for the user to jump right in if they are new to utilizing these kind of programs, yet we consider that anyone with knowledge in using a computer can easily make use of our software.

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